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  • Siddha system of medicine belongs to the Ancient Tamil Tradition. The unique feature of this system is its polymorphic face, one such powerful healing face is Varmam therapy.
  • Narambu vakada soothira thiravugol one of the vital varmam text deals with respect to Varmam,Narambugal, Uruppugal etc.. right from embryonic state to a adult one.

The knowledge acquired from Narambu vakada soothira thiravugol through Guru Murai (Varmam therapy taught by a guru to a sishyan for double six years through touch and perception) is really a gift for treating number of ailments.

The following facts are the quintessence of the above knowledge acquired by Asan Appathurai.

  • During the intrauterine life of a baby, at first 72000 Narambugal evoloved in it, after that 4448 Narambu mudichugal and 96 Thathuvam arise to support it, these 4448 Narambu mudichugal are reflected for the 4448 diseases said by siddhars.
  • Once the baby born and from the first cry , 64 Kalaigal evolved to support the above formed matters,then 32 Uruppugal, 96 Thoduvarmam, 12 Paduvarmam, 6 Ull varmam, 8 Thattu varmam, Agakalam, Sothanaikalam, Mudiyarakalam, Meitheendakalam and Vayus are arising in addition to strengthen the above formed system.
  • Meitheendakalam is nothing but a narambu , by stimulating it 72000 Narambugal will be activated
  • Meitheendakalam, Agakalam, Sothanaikalam, Mudiyarakalam and Perunarambu are to test whether one is alive or dead in an unconscious state. These Narambugal are supposed to stimulate only by a Varmani (varmam expert) in essential and life saving times.
  • Vatham, pitham and kabam are the three dosams which lie upon three Narambugal- Thamani ,
    Magathamani and Keezh peesarai narambu
    respectively. Bootha naadi is the one which lies opposite to pitha naadi over the kanatha sengodi narambu.